Futuristic B4 Milano for Momentary Luxury

B4 Milano Glossy Wooden Floor White Bedroom

For those who want a fashionable luxury during their stay in Milan, they should definitely visit B4 Milano. Living in this hotel would definitely feel as if they are staying in the future. This makes sense though, remembering the futuristic design of the hotel that is unique and unusual. Every kind of uniqueness is inside the hotel, from the unusual neon lights and the chairs with bright colors and unique shapes. Trust me; living in this hotel is definitely worth it.

Unique Design of B4 Milano

From the outside appearance the uniqueness of B4 Milano in Milan can be seen already. The front door is shaded with leaf-like shading that is colored in translucent aqua with metallic pillar placed vertically in the middle of the “leave.” From the middle pillar, mini pillars branch out, giving an exact imitation of a leaf. The only difference is the red pillar that went through the front part of the shading just like a stick went through the “leaf.”

The hall is even more unique than the outside appearance. The extremely large hall has the color of white dominating the ceiling, walls, and floor of the hall. There are large porcelain pillars supporting the hall, painted in white and red. The hall has decorations in the form of molecules in yellow and white stacked on top of each other with some vine-like white pattern connecting the two different molecular fences. Another white wall is decked with red wall ornaments that are surrounded with blue neon that illuminate the gloomy part of the hall. Of course, there are still the white lamps installed on the ceiling to illuminate the other side of the hall. However, there are chandeliers shaped in the form of silver dragonflies to give more unusual aspect to the hotel, making the hotel more and more unique.

Seeing the Future through B4 Milano

There are other rooms that have not been described yet, but I am sure this is enough to describe the unusual design of the hotel. The hotel is so unusual and can even be considered as futuristic because of the ambiance it gives. Staying in the modern B4 Milano in Milan will definitely make one feel like staying in the future, and I am sure everybody would love to have that kind of experience.

B4 Milano Unique Art Wall Painting

B4 Milano Unique Hanging Lamps

Bright Light B4 Milano

Green Sofas Unique Lamps B4 Milano

Gren And White Bulp Hanging Lamps B4 Milano

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