Furniture Store Design: Highly Modern Store Design in Sao Paolo

Outstanding Modern Store Facade With Transparent Hexagons Glass Installation

If you want to see the design possibilities of modern store design, this outstanding furniture store design is the one that you need to see. This stunning furniture store design is owned by a furniture company based in Brazil and it is indeed one of the best furniture store designs that you can find out there right now. It has “crazy” architectural design and beautiful space setting. Everything about this store will amaze you with its beauty. The great thing is now you can use this lovely furniture store design as the inspiration of your store design creation for yourself.

This fascinating furniture store design is created by SuperLimão Studio and it is located in heart of Sao Paolo, Brazil. This is a two stories building and the outer part of this awesome furniture store design is decorated by using highly modern look panel design that make the building looks so futuristic. This special panel design is created by using steel material that makes the building looks even more futuristic. This great furniture store design is equipped with big glass windows. Since this building is utilized as a store, the big glass windows have become one of the most important parts of this extraordinary furniture store design. Those beauties can be seen in just one building, can you imagine that?

The inner part of this perfect furniture store design has great space setting. It is filled with outstanding furniture product in to form of full set. So you can imagine how is the furniture looks like when you select the furniture in this store.

That was few things about gorgeous furniture store design in Sao Paolo, Brazil and its little details. Fascinating furniture store design like this one is indeed something that deserves to become an example for any other furniture store creation.

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