Fun Giraffe Childcare for the Children

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Giraffe Childcare is an example that childcare can have revolutionary designs while keeping up the fun aspect at the same time. Located in Paris, this unique childcare has a design that is different from other childcare. Hondelatte Laporte Architectes designed the childcare brilliantly by combining children things with modern cool look that upgrades the childcare into a whole new kind of building. This way, the childcare is still a fun place, but now the building looks physically funnier and more stylish.

Giraffe Childcare’s Unique Aspects

What makes Giraffe Childcare in Paris different from other childcare? This is because of the decorations that can be described as something “unique” and “special.” There is nothing outstanding about the decorations, really. The decorations are just statues of a giraffe and a bear that happen to be extremely huge. What these statues different are because of their locations. As it can be seen from the pictures, the giraffe are placed in the middle of the building. Yes, the giraffe literally goes through the building, filling the front section of the building. As for the white bear statue, it is positioned in such a way that the bear looks as if it is staring through the flat roof of the childcare. See how unique these statues are?

Do not worry about the inside of the childcare, because the inside of the childcare is still a fun-looking place that will brighten the children. The inside is decked with white walls, ceiling, and floor. White shelves can be seen decorating the white walls, while cute colorful ornaments beautify the walls and glass doors with their colors. Of course, there are colorful cabinets in pink and other colors also. Yep, everything in this childcare is still something that will make the children excited.

Fun in Giraffe Childcare

The childcare is a perfect example of something that can be unique and stylish at once. The architecture might be criticized for creating something that is not “traditional,” but kudos to them for creating something different while making sure that the traditional aspect of childcare is still there. Besides, look at the good side of this different childcare. Children can still have fun without being interrupted with the still fun but unique Giraffe Childcare in Paris.

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