From Old House into a Sustainable Home

How To Renovate Your Home With White Accent Wall And Wooden Floor Also Built In Book Shelves

Old building restoration isn’t necessarily needs to keep everything like the original condition. Unless it is an architectural heritage which is protected by the law, restoration project can turn old building in to more functional building with modern touch. We can learn this from renovation project of a federation home in Mosman, Australia. The owner wants to makeover the existing house into Eco-friendly home and with strong value of sustainability. What’s expected is more than just renovating the building and makes some makeover, but it is also including applying the right solution to reduce energy cost.

This home renovation project was given to Anderson Architecture and McKenzie Design Studio. The collaboration of the duo helped created environmental friendly home ensuring high value of sustainability. The main idea of the renovation project is to optimize sustainable features without using high end products. Too meet with the spirit of sustainable environment, this project uses recycled timber from local sources on surrounding area. Passive solar technology is applied to reduce heating and cooling cost and combined with LED lighting, solar hydroponic floor and water heating; it can significantly reduce total energy cost.

Most of the existing outer structures are preserved like the existing condition with an exception on the rear area. On this home restoration project, the back wall of the existing structure is eliminated two create an opening straight to the backyard. Replacing the wall is wood glass doors that can be wide opened giving free access to the wooden terrace and to the backyard. This opening helps optimize daylight exposure inside the house while also provides much optimum aeration. Wooden decoration is still dominating the interior combined with modern styled furniture. There are many windows and openings on all sides of the house ensuring optimum airflow reducing the needs of cooling on the heat of summer.

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