Fresh Bathroom Tiles for Great Changes

Black Table Glass Mosaic Glass Bathroom

The world of bathroom tiles will never be the same again. This is the work of no other than Glassdecor, a company from Spain that specializes in tiles for bathrooms and glass decorations. Glassdecor created a new kind of tiles for bathrooms that are definitely refreshing and new. Trust me; having these tiles in the bathrooms will create a whole new kind of look and freshness that will turn the bathroom into something more than just a bathroom.

Different Kind of Bathroom Tiles

Well, the bathroom tiles by Glassdecor are not that different from the normal tiles, but Glassdecor managed to improvise the bathroom tiles into something that is better and more enchanting than normal tiles for bathrooms. How can such improvisation be done that the tiles changed into something different and better than normal tiles? Well, normal tiles are usually designed plainly or with abstract pattern that fits the theme of the bathroom. However, instead of plain colors or abstract patterns, Glassdecor printed real pictures on the tiles. Yep, pictures are literally on the tiles, and sometimes the pictures would look so real because of the 3D effects of the tiles.

What kind of pictures are on the tiles? Of course they are refreshing pictures that would make the bathrooms look better and fresh! For example, Glassdecor use the picture of lemons “drowning” inside a sea of water, and the details of the water are so great that they water looks so real on the wall. The same goes for the picture of the sea that is installed on the tiles. Everything about the picture looks so real, from the sky to the sand of the beach. Of course, the pictures can be something fun also, such as the pictures of the residents’ friends and pink heart pattern. Whatever the print is, it will look as if the printings themselves are actually in the bathrooms.

Different Bathrooms with Different Bathroom Tiles

See the greatness of the tiles designed by Glassdecor? They are something that will definitely make the bathroom look different and better. The refreshing image would be something new for our eyes, and our eyes will be freshened by the images. This way, the bathroom is not something boring anymore but an entertaining room that will freshen out minds and bodies. Now who would not want that kind of bathrooms, just from the great bathroom tiles by Glassdecor?

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Glass Mosaic White Ceiling View Patterns

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