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Since modern design is something that is booming right now, of course there are modern fireplaces also. Now, there needs to be some explanation about fireplaces with the word “modern” at its front. These kind of fireplaces are no other than fireplaces that are not in traditional style and design, meaning that it is no longer a fireplace with brick and chimney. Seeing the trend in this kind of fireplaces, I decided to describe some fireplaces that will definitely enhance those booming modern styles and designs.

Style of Modern Fireplaces

The kinds of fireplaces I am going to describe are modern fireplaces by MetalFire. MetalFire has many designs for their fireplaces in modern style, but they all have one thing in common. That thing is no other than the designing pattern where the fireplace is installed inside a wall, meaning that it is between two concrete walls. It makes sense though, since fire does not spread through concrete easily (if things go wrong, of course). Besides, this designing pattern is the reason why these fireplaces are called modern.

Now let us talk more about the inside of the fireplaces. The inside section of the concrete wall is layered with a special dark-colored surface meant for the prevention of fire spreading everywhere. The fires are not that big, though. They are small compared to traditional fires, but they are definitely still stylish. Usually, mini pebbles would decorate the ends of the fireplaces, giving the boundary for the fire. All of these things are fine though, since this makes the fireplace more stylish. To make it even better, there are different varied colors for the concrete walls, from the whitest white to the darkest black. These fireplaces are definitely modern and stylish.

Stylish and Safe Modern Fireplaces

As it can be seen, MetalFire designed their fireplaces smartly. Even though the fireplaces are inside the walls, they do not spread, and the boundary prevents the fire to spread all the way at the bottom of the floor. Moreover, the things used as safety measurement also makes the fireplaces look cool and modern. With such stylish and safe design, I do not see why people do not use these modern stylish fireplaces by MetalFire.

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