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Modern Design Teuco Seaside Bathtub Large Bathroom

Modern bathtub is definitely something that is nothing new to everybody. This is the kind of bathtub that is usually used with modern or minimalist style, as the bathtub usually has a simple, clean, and neat design accompanied with firm color of white for its finishing touch. Well, the bathtub what I am going to talk about is pretty much like that, but it is different in a way. Designed by Teuco, this bathroom with modern style have unique features that will make bathing more than bathing.

Modern Bathroom with True Modernism

The modern bathtub by Teuco is designed in such a different way that the bathtub will literally give a whole new meaning to modernism. First the bathtubs are mostly framed in metallic silver or white frame. Some of the frames have gray cushions attached to the frames to show the front part of the bathtub and also to serve as a cushion for the resident in case they want to “lie down” inside the bathtub. For some lightning, some white lamps are installed inside the frames and the sides of the bathtubs to create a neon-like appearance. Pretty modern, is it not?

The bathtub does not stop there though. There is more to the bathtub than its modern design. The bathtub has a unique technology implanted into the bathtub. The bathtub has a hydromagnetic system that makes the water to move like a bunch of waves. Moreover, the size of the bathtub is something that definitely benefits from this technology because of the bathtub’s large size, allowing the water to “move” freely. This way, the resident of the house can enjoy an exhalirating bathing experience that cannot be gotten easily from normal bathtubs.

Modern Bathroom as a “Pool”

As it has been mentioned before, the bathtub has a large size that somehow imitates the size of a pool. With the large size, the bathtub literally replace a pool. Imagine this kind of bathtub plus the special feature the bathtub has. Is it not just amazing? It is like having a pool and a sea fused into one! By having this user-friendly modern bathtub by Teuco, it will be like having a “pool” that is also like a “sea” at the same time.

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