Fascinating Open Studio Apartment with Unusual Layout by Dan Vakhramieiev

Interesting  Corner Design With Small Counters And Small Grey Eating Table

Dan Vakhramieiev has designed an open studio apartment that is located in the area of Kiev, Ukraine to be very much better. One thing that is found to be quite unique about this apartment is that it has quite a lot of unusual layouts. These unusual details do not make the living space to look odd. Instead, these are the ones that make the open studio apartment design to look great actually.

In general, this open studio apartment has about 58.5 square meters size. As an open apartment, it is so sure that more than one room is placed in an area without any divider. For this apartment, those rooms are; bedroom and also kitchen. Some rooms that can be said to be separated are bathroom and also dressing rooms that seem to be quite impossible to be made open. In some rooms, lighting is used to divide each of the rooms mentioned previously visually.

Other than the layouts, the details in the open studio apartment are other things that you have to know also. In most parts, this apartment is decorated with greyish blue color. It is not only limited in the decorations, but also in some other things like, curtain, wall paint, seats, kitchen counter tops and many others. Other than the greyish blue color, some other colors are used in the apartment also. Let us say that there is light brown flooring color that is so contrast to the blue color that decorates most parts of the living space. The color combinations created by the designer is so fascinating that each color used can match other color perfectly even if these colors are actually quite contrast. All of these make the apartment to be a perfect space for young couple to live in.

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