Fascinating Modern House with Breezy Design

Comfort Grey Sofa And Blue Rugs Relaxing Room Design Contemporary Hill Top House In El Salvador

The style of this modern house located in El Salvador is extraordinary. The uniqueness of this house is it gives the flying sensation when we look at its design. The contemporary concept is applied in this house with the unique composition and style. The main feature that is sophisticated from this house is the transparent roof that looks like it is made from glass. Located in the middle of open space with the green grass, this house is built with the summer house style applied the most innovative design.

Let’s call it breezy modern house. The exterior has the rustic texture of stones combined with the wooden wall in neutral color and the large glass windows and doors. It gives the open and modern look of this house. The outdoor beside the house has the unique small pond in rectangular shape. It is side by side with the glass garden that is located in the house giving the natural accent. The exterior in the back yard of this house is cozy. It has the natural stone wall with soft color and has the rustic exterior flooring in dark grey.

The interior is just fabulous with the employment of the contemporary furniture. Designed in the sleek model, a cozy lounge is placed in the corner of the room with large glass window offering the outdoor natural view. The bedroom is great with the modern bedding covered with white duvet. A refreshing accent is presented by the green and black rug on the grey flooring. The dark blue armchair is in the corner of the bedroom giving the bold color contrast. The bedroom has the wonderful view of the woods outside.

In the outdoor, it has a set of the modern colorful chairs surrounding the wooden table. The furniture gives the cheerful impression for the neutral color dominating the exterior color theme. Modern house design can be as light as it could fly yet still designed in the sophisticated way.

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