Fantastic Villa Design in France

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Last summer, I and my family decided to go to some beautiful view villa to spend the holiday. We searching through the internet about the perfect place to spend our holiday and the decision come to a great villa design in French. It is located in French Riviera to be exact, the place that only needs 15 minutes’ drive away from Monaco. We found the picture that we see on the internet is very attractive, but we don’t expect that this villa going to be one of the best villas we have ever come.

First time we get there, we act like a child who gets e new toys. Yes, this villa is absolutely an amazing designed villa. This villa design style is a combination between modern and luxurious style. Using a lot of rocks, wood steel and concrete to build it, this villa is surely one of the best villas we have ever come. The thing that makes this villa become a great villa design creation is not only about the building and its design, but the topography around the villa also plays an important role to make this villa become a perfect villa to stay.

The interior of Villa Design in France

The location is in the slope of a mountain that provides us a beautiful sea view of Monaco. Everything in this beautiful villa design is perfectly conducted to achieve the highest level of beauty. The interior design is so perfect. The combination of simplicity and modern style furniture is perfectly contributing the beauty of this astonishing villa inside view. The combination between modern style furniture and the luxurious furniture have created a great balance in the inside of the villa.

The Exterior of Villa design in France

The exterior of this superb villa design also play an important part to contribute the beauty of this villa. The combination of wood, steel, concrete and stone has made this great villa become more and more beautiful. The outdoor furniture is also the element that gives this villa decoration become more attractive. The wooden deck that equipped with sun bathing chair is my favorite place in the outside of this incredible villa. I believe you need to see the beauty of this villa by yourself. Villa design style always plays an important part to attract the tourist, always.

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