Fantastic Minimalist Home with Modern Design

Fantastic Minimalist Home In 2013 With Awesome Modern House And Green Open Space Large Glass Window Glass Door Flat Roof

The trend of modern living space giving the significant contribution for housing is the minimalist home. The home that is familiar with the practical style and simple design is popular in today’s living demand. The affordable budget and the limited space available at the house are the main consideration. However, some build the home with minimalist style is just because of the preference. It is just like this shed in the middle of the green open space in Sweden. The house has minimalist space yet sophistically designed.

Minimalist home design is the mainstream of this today’s architecture. The stylish designs are proposed by the architects all over the world. The Architect 11 also invented this design to make this guest house look fabulous. The exterior is sleek and simple just like the basic concept of the minimalist house. The exterior wall is in neutral color combined with the large windows and doors glasses framed with the black wood frames. The soft yellow lighting is the main lighting that is inviting seen from the outside.

The interior is in contemporary concept. The employment of the sleek furniture in simple yet stylish design is the main factor considered in this interior arrangement. The dark wood flooring is the choice for the interior giving the bold color accent. The kitchen is design in modern style with the white kitchen counter as the focal point. The bedroom is in monochromatic color theme. The black and white dominate the room with its beautiful contrast. The bedding is the folded bed that has the multifunction as a sofa as well.

A set of white modern chair with a white circular table is in front of the kitchen counter presenting the sleek dining area. The application of the neutral color as the interior color gives the impression that is more spacious. The concept of minimalist home always offers the ultimate style of the contemporary design, just like what this house does.


Fantastic Minimalist Home In 2013 With Beautiful Bathroom Design And Large Mirror White Toilet White Bathroom Cabinets

Fantastic Minimalist Home In 2013 With Dark Wooden Floor And Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design White Chair Black Sofa Multifunction Large Glass Window Modern Stove Sliding Glass Door

Fantastic Minimalist Home In 2013 With Dark Wooden Floor And Round White Dining Table White Chairs Black Sofa Multifunction Large Glass Window Modern Stove Sliding Glass Door

Fantastic Minimalist Home In 2013 With Glass Window And Glass Door Dark Wooden Floor Corridor And White Wooden Wall

Fantastic Minimalist Home In 2013 With Large Glass Window And Minimalist Bedroom Design Living Room Modern Stove Round White Dining Table White Chairs Black Sofa Multifunction Sliding Glass Door

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