Fabulous Spacey Apartment That is Worth It

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Spacey apartment is the one thing that everybody wants, I am sure of that. Spacey rooms will always make the house feeling bigger and wider, giving a wonderful sensation of bliss. However, spacey place to live is something that is hard to create, especially if the apartment’s size makes it impossible to do so. Now this is where YO!Home comes to the rescue, because they are famed for their space-saving designs.

Trendy Spacey Apartment That Saves Space

Since this is YO!Home we are talking about, it is obvious that they will create some awesome design to save the space of the apartment. This can be seen from the design of the living room. The living room is placed below the floor level, made in a space inside the floor. The lightning is nothing that should be worried about, because the floor for the space consists of lightning that will illuminate the living room properly. What about the bedroom? No problem, because the living room is a bedroom at the same time! The bed is located at the ceiling. Yes, that is right. The bed is controlled so that it can be “stored” inside the ceiling when the bed is not needed. Such a creative way to save space! Spacey apartment by YO!Home is literally spacey.
Of course, YO!Home being the reason again, the design would have some awesome colors that would illuminate the house. The couch for the living room, for example, is in the color of red velvet, giving great scenery for the eyes when it is illuminated from the floor below. To neutralize the bright couch, the coffee table for the living room is made of wood to balance things out. As for the bed, its foundation and bed color is in the size of white. However, this is appropriate because lights for the rooms are in various colors, such as red and dim yellow. Through these colors, the bed is already “colored.”

Living in Fashionable Spacey Apartment

Is not the apartments designed by YO!Home awesome? This is what makes them love by many. They slowly revolutionize the home industry with their challenging design and bold colors. This is what people want nowadays, and YO!Home provides the customer’s wishes. The colorful spacey apartment by YO!Home is truly a jewel, and I am sure everybody will love them even more lately in the future.

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