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Let’s think about the residence design that is connected with the surrounding environment. Refreshing, isn’t it? When the house has the nature feeling, it will become the cozy and comfortable living space. This residence in Peru named La Planicie House is one of the modern houses that have the concept of connected with the environment. The contemporary design of this house is well blended with the nature surrounding. The breezy and relaxing ambience is presented by the open interior and exterior space that have access to the fresh air.

This contemporary residence design is in the U-shape. The employment of the wooden materials for the exterior gives the natural touch to this residence. It looks fresh to be combined with the grass and pond as the exterior elements. The tree is in the middle of the wooden pathway giving the nature connected feeling and natural exterior accent. The large glass windows give the open impression to this residence exterior.

The stunning view is offered by the swimming pool located in the backyard of this residence. The sleek swimming pool has the large size as if it is part of the grass yard beside it. The black natural stone wall gives the perfect contrast to the blue water in the pool. Meanwhile, the soft yellow lighting from the interior gives the warmth sense and welcoming ambience. The exterior has open space in under the second floor that gives the open and breezy sense to the house.

The front yard is sleek and simple yet very stylish. With the dark stone exterior wall, it looks great to be combined with the grass and tropical plants garden. The wooden wall accent beside the steps strengthens the natural look of this house exterior. Refreshing residence design can be arranged by connecting it with the environment surrounding in order to give the true natural fee of the house.

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