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Concrete Stairs And Wooden Door With Backyard View

This extraordinary house design has the refreshing concept by connecting it with the nature. Located in Mexico, this house is lovely with its contemporary design that is connected with the nature surrounding. The exterior is spacious and cozy with the natural garden and large grass yard. The sleek and simple design emphasizes the modern concept of the contemporary house. Painted in neutral color, the exterior wall presents the neutral tone of the green natural color surrounding it. The boundaries walls are painted in black that gives the bold exterior contrast color.

Glass is the main element of this house exterior. The first floor has the glass wall along its front side. It allows the openness that connects the interior directly with the exterior when it is opened. The open air offered by this doors give the refreshing interior concept that looks like it is part of the grass yard. The air circulation and the sunlight can directly go inside the interior freely. A pair of chairs is in the terrace as the exterior furniture.This house design concept is the true connection between the interior, exterior, and the environmental surrounding.

The exterior flooring is in rustic texture in dark gray. It strengthens the natural tone of the exterior. The bushes are grown close to the exterior wall giving the natural pop up in the middle of the flooring. The wooden elements are also part of the interior. It gives the accent of the natural elements presented by the exterior.

The interior has modern design. It has the rustic wooden flooring and is furnished with the contemporary furniture. Modern furniture with the simple and sleek design in neutral and soft colors looks beautiful as the interior of this refreshing house. A set of the dining chairs and table bring the natural accent to the interior. Stylish house design can be the design that connects the modern elements with the nature surrounding it.

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