Extravagant Luxurious Flat for Temporary Stay

Beautiful Bedroom Design With Wooden Wallpaper And Rugs Area Also Recessed Ceiling With Neon Ceiling Lighting

For some family, a luxurious flat is needed to temporary stay. Though it may be expensive, but it can be a chosen way for many people to spend their money to get the luxurious relaxing feeling. You won’t hesitate to waste your money too in the St. Petersburg’s flat that is beautifully designed by NG-Studio Sanremo that will give you a taste of king’s palace.

The family room of the luxurious flat design contains of a flat TV with some white cozy couches and brown and white cushions. It is completed with a small wooden table and decorations like table lamps and unique golden hanging lamps. Behind the family room, there is a small kitchen with white cabinets and wooden island with some stools decorated with potted flowers and some unique pots placed in a white cupboard. The island and stools are highlighted with darker wood flooring.

You can see a small deck with two patterned wood chairs and cream seats, connected with a small wooden table with potted white flowers on it and integrated lamps on the upper and lower part. The bathroom looks gorgeous with white cabinets and large mirrors with two white stripes. There are also two wall lamps placed near the sink. The shower use walk-in type with granite wall and a space for decorations. The luxurious touch is given by the color of the wall that almost gold and shines under the bright lamplights.

The bedroom uses a king size bed with cream color and two small table lamps beside the bed. Above the bed, there is also a large painting with luxurious motive. Another bedroom uses table lamps with unique arms and decorated with potted flowers and some golden statue. The entire of this luxurious flat interior uses a lot of gold, cream, white, and wood colors that gives a luxurious feeling in the flat.

Elegant Bedroom View With Art Painting And Golden Night Stand Also Chocolate Bedding

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Amazing Exclusive Interior Design In Living Room Area With Wooden Accent And Flawless White Also Golden Color Mixture

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