Extraordinary Contemporary Summer Cottage Designs

Wide Open Green Lawn Straight Geometric Lines Of Cottage Architecture

If you have more budgets, why not think to build Summer Cottage? Summer home is one thing that will help you achieve an unforgettable holiday for you and your family. along with the times, now designs for holiday cottages are no longer dominated by traditional design, even modern and minimalist design can also be considered to build a summer home, such as the following home design from Tóth Project Architecture Office.

Just by looking at the exterior design of this house, you are able to assess that this house is a modern home. What else if not a straight geometric lines and a transparent glass window which lets anyone see this house interior design, as well as letting the house looks warm at night with the dim light peeking out from inside the house. Combination between wooden walls and natural stone walls to create harmony in the exterior design of this Contemporary Summer Cottage, especially coupled with wide green yard and a deck and veranda with sea views in the distance.

Interior design comes in a way that is no less interesting. Just look at the design of public spaces that accommodate the living room and dining room. Living room is furnished with contemporary black sofa and a flat screen TV above the wood cabinet. What are interesting of the living room design are walls clad in wood and striking natural stone fireplace on the other portion of the wall. The living room opens to the dining room which also will not be missed from your sight, especially with the curved dining chairs and brown leather rectangular dining table in the middle. Not only that, the dining room is well lit with decorative chandelier also become focal points in the room.

Like most vacation homes, this Contemporary Summer Cottage Designs also has a sitting room that offers relaxing comfort as well as beauty of the panorama, for example in deck with transparent glass chairs and a window seat with a padded cushion.

Astounding Sitting Room Ideas Transparent Glass Chair With Large Glass Window

Dark L Shaped Sofa With Wooden Coffee Table And Walls Clad In Wood

Modern Summer Cottage Design 2013 House Facade With Carport And Stone Floor

Walls Cad With Wood And Natural Stone With Fireplace

White Dining Table With Brown Curved Leather Chairs And Quicksilver Shaped Hanging Lamp

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