Extraordinary Bayview Villa as Coziest Place in Classy Interior

White Bed Glass Door Minimalist Bedroom Design

I have won a quiz and then I get voucher that enables me to stay at Bayview Villa freely. Of course this villa is built nearby bay in order to get wonderful view of bay. I like design of villa which brings out contemporary flair but it is combined with natural ideas. Exterior villa is designed with stone element. Rustic stone wall looks so tough and it is regarded as durable material. Greenery surrounding building and green courtyard arouse fresh atmosphere and peaceful sight. Outdoor staircase is also crafted of stone. Every morning, I sit on modern grey sofa in patio to enjoy panorama of ocean. Under sofa set there is black square carpet. Black round table with black chairs in modern style is also set in this patio.

Peaceful Panorama of Bayview Villa

Glass door and glass wall over building enables me to see scenery of bay freely. This villa is supplied with modern above ground pool. Nearby this pool, there are some dark chaise lounge chairs. This balcony where pool created is protected by black metallic railing. When I swim in this pool, I can see natural stone wall nearby swimming pool that represents natural touch. Most of outdoor walls are crafted of stone. On terrace, there are some wooden ornaments and furniture. Although exterior design of villa looks natural, Bayview Villa interior tends to stick out modern flair.

Check Out Living Spaces in Bayview Villa

Open plan living room surrounded by glass wall is furnished with contemporary grey sofa with some pillow cases. Two white low coffee tables are set in front of this sofa. Modern TV setup and floor lamp whose shape is like hibiscus decorate this room nicely. On other side, cream leather sofa set is applied for more seats.

Bedroom seems elegant with red and black decoration. Modern bed with red bed headboard is equipped with white and black pillows. Black lounge chair is set nearby glass bay window in this bedroom. Clean bathroom in white is furnished with white bathtub, white sinks, and white washing stand. Glass shower enclosure and glass wall makes this room shinier. Bayview Villa interior design sticks out classy and clean view.

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