Exotic Le Sereno for Exotic Vacation

Wooen Floor Beautiful View Exotic Getaway Resort

An exotic and lush vacation in the tropics is something that many people dream of, and Le Sereno will complete the exotic package everybody wants. Located in Saint-Berthelemy, an island somewhere in the Caribbean, the resort stands tall and high along with its beautiful natural surroundings. The resort’s perfect isolated location is definitely the perfect exotic getaway for people who need total relaxation in their vacation.

Le Sereno’s Adaptable Design with Surrounding

I recommend Le Sereno by Christian Liaigre for the perfect vacation because of it’s excelling in every aspect. It is located in an excellent spot, has excellent service, and the most important of all, excellent design that fuses with its surrounding. The resort has a medium-sized swimming pool surrounded with wooden floor, and the swimming pool directly faces the beach and the surrounding palm trees for a beautiful view. The beautiful sea can also be seen from the restaurant that is decked with glass walls and cream-colored chairs and tables that match the wooden floor of the restaurant.

Of course, the beauty of the sea can also be enjoyed in the guests’ private rooms. Each room is decked with soft white sofas complete with the wooden coffee table. A slim black table and chair is placed across the sofa, with a television attached to the side. The most important thing is the window doors that lead to the veranda and the beautiful surrounding though. For those who prefers to see the view why being spoiled, this is possible by visiting the outdoor massage room for a special massage with a direct view of the sea. Of course, there is always the shady section outside the massage room that is decked with outdoor white chair that is shaded with the trees around it. The sea will always be seen everywhere in this resort.

Enjoyable Vacation in La Sereno

From the pictures, it is obvious that the resort is meant for the perfect vacation. The resort wants the guests to enjoy everything to its fullest, from the services, comfort, and to the natural surroundings of the place. Those who visit this resort will definitely be spoiled. Trust me, having a vacation in the luxurious La Sereno by Christian Liaigre will definitely be worth it.

Amazing Exotic Getaway Resort With Ocean View

Big Mirror Exotic Getaway Resort Wooden Floor White Bath

Black Sink Exotic Getaway Resort Wooden Table Steel Faucet

Exotic Getaway Resort Coconut Trees Beach View

Exotic Getaway Resort For Bar Wooden Window White Wall

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