Exotic Island Hideaway for a Secluded Vacation

Island Hideaway Resort In Maldives  For Unique Landscape Pool

Living up to its name, Island Hideaway is a resort that will be the perfect sanctuary for a great peaceful vacation. Residing in Maldives’ island of Dhonakulhi, the resort is tucked away at the corner of the island, covered with the greenery that makes the resort non-existent from the outside. Staying in this resort will definitely give the much-needed calming vacation for those who needs them.

Calming Design of Island Hideaway

Not only has its secluded location, Island Hideaway in Maldives also had a design that helps to bring out the calmness that is needed for the guests. The private villas of the resort are decked with simple white beds with some color from the red pillows and the orange-stripped blanket. At the corner near by the large glass door is where the study desk and chair made of wood is placed, matching with the wooden floor of the villa. A standing lamp is placed at the left side of the bed, and its light would give a romantic and calming ambiance because the lamp is in dim yellow.

Those who want to feel the night breeze can do so outside. A swimming pool in the form of crescent is created among the villas, and the white frames of the pools are decked with garden lamps that would illuminate the swimming pool romantically. At the side of the swimming pool is completed with the stripped reclining chairs, perfect to be used after a long day of swimming. The relaxing ambiance can also be gotten from the pure white bathroom. The white marble bathtub is decorated with white candles at its end, and a corner is decorated with purple orchid to give the natural feeling in the bathroom. The cabinet and make-up section of the bathroom is made of wood, but it stylishly has two dim yellow lights attached on its sides. Moreover, the bathtub gives a direct view of the sea! What more can be asked for this kind of treat?

Beauty of Seclusion in Island Hideaway

Seclusion is something that is offered in this resort. The location of the resort, the surrounding scenery, the design – everything is meant for the calmness that is given in this resort. This way, the vacation in the natural Island Hideaway in Maldives will not be luxurious only but will also give a peace that has never been felt before.

Island Hideaway Resort In Maldives  Luxury Swimming Pool

Island Hideaway Resort In Maldives  With Beautiful Ocean

Island Hideaway Resort In Maldives For Corner Sofa

Island Hideaway Resort In Maldives Open Bedroom Wooden Floor

Island Hideaway Resort In Maldives Round Ool With Calm Light

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