Exclusive Modern Kitchen Joining with Dining Area

Purple Hiding Ceiling Light White Kitchen Island With White Bar Chairs

The first look on this modern kitchen you will be wowing by the enchanted lights that comes from the drop ceiling. It was amazing to see colorful lights comes out and shines your kitchen area. And the colorful light is not finish yet since the small lamps are scattered over the ceiling creating stars appearance in the kitchen. It really does not give personal kitchen looks but instead commercial kitchen. But it definitely looks super fun to stay in. the lights does not only comes from the ceiling but also from underneath the cabinets which gives luxurious atmosphere.

This modern kitchen design is not like other regular kitchen. It has irregular shape of modern kitchen design with its seemingly unstructured appearance. But actually this kitchen is not just a normal kitchen. It is more like a gathering venue where you can see the kitchen along with the dining table all as one. The kitchen cabinet is located in the side of the room with simple and sleek modern kitchen cabinet. The hidden handle kitchen cabinet gives beauty to the kitchen.

As the kitchen island it has curvaceous shape. The curvaceous kitchen island is placed based on your needs for cooking and also entertaining. In one side of the kitchen island is the place where you can cook with modern electric stove. On the other side of Kitchen Island you can find half rounding dining table and completed with rattan dining chairs. This is very smart space arrangements. This white modern kitchen table has two round cabinets which is provide for keeping the dining ware. The round cabinet is flanked over the bar stools.

There is where you can enjoy nice couple of drinks while chatters with the person in the kitchen. The kitchen island cabinet is providing everything that you need. All the cutlery and cooking tools are hiding inside the drawers. You can see more modern kitchen design ideas from photo gallery below.

Red Hiding Ceiling Light White Kitchen Island With White Bar Chairs

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Green Hiding Light Curvaceous Kitchen Island With Joining Dining Table And Marble Floor

Hidden White Wooden Drawer Inside Kitchen Island With Modern Electric Stowe

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