Exclusive Fashion Bathroom Goes Crazier

Jungle Collection Fashion For The Bathroom

No want thinks that Fashion Bathroom is exist in this world if I should guest. Fashion is developed fast monthly, even weekly. So, there should be hard to be a fashion updater. Fashion commonly is related with several accessories like clothes, shoes, and bags. But, do you ever think that someone has designed fashion for the bathroom? This must be a crazy idea. Moreover, the fashion is suited with current clothes and accessories fashion.  There must be a strange experience of bathing while apply this fashion to our bathroom.

Fashion Bathroom by Ceramica Cielo

Ceramica Cielo is an Italy Fashion Bathroom Decor manufacturer which creates this kind of exclusive bathroom accessories. Below are several pictures of bathroom accessories created by Ceramica Cielo. In order to manufacture this bathroom ceramics, Ceramica uses very high and exclusive technology. They make it carefully and lot of consideration. Furthermore, several experiments are conducted to create the products with high quality. Therefore, this makes the ceramic and accessories cost very much money. These accessories and ceramics are created by considering the current fashion of fabrics and crafts. Beside bathroom accessories, this manufacturer also creates fashion products for wallpaper, chairs, and soft crafted furniture.

Reptile Skin for Fashion Bathroom

Commonly, bathroom accessories set is made of ceramics, or nature materials like wood or stone. But, do you know Ceramica Cielo use what materials? Yes, you are right. They use crocodile and snake skin for the bathroom accessories and vanities countertops. The pictures say you so I think. This makes the products more expensive and exclusive. There is no consideration why they use very sophisticated technology to manufacture their products. If you see the pictures, the manufacturer exhibits the vanities and other crafts with glossy black end and maroon end. There are also white and brown end.

I think Ceramica Cielo should be friendly enough with animal protection NGO. The usage of reptile skin for bathrooms and soft crafts is a kind of an enormous idea. This idea gives an exclusive reputation for the user, and also unpredictable washing experience. This Bathroom Accessories Sets is going to be a ‘fashion’ of the year.

Jungle Collection Highheels Fashion For The Bathroom

Jungle Collection Modern Fashion For The Bathroom

Jungle Collection Red Fashion For The Bathroom

Jungle Collection Sink Fashion For The Bathroom

Jungle Collection Snake Print Fashion For The Bathroom

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