Exclusive Dogi Bathroom with the Nature Touch

Dogi Bathroom By GD Cucine Serena Stone Washbasin Heat Treaded Ash Wood Accessories

These years are going to be crazy as the Dogi Bathroom has been made. What an unthinkably exclusive idea! Commonly dogi bathroom is found in the pet shop or pet care. But the bathroom i mean is design for personal owner of the pets. Furthermore, the bathroom is designed exclusively by professional designer and look as well as human bathroom concept. The dog lovers need several things for the beloved pet. One of the things is the bathroom. Considering that sometime the lovers love much the dog, the exclusive bathroom for dog is made.

Dogi Bathroom by Enzo Berti

Here are several pictures of the bathroom and the Dogi Bathroom Decor I meant. This bathroom is designed by Italian designer Enzo Berti from GD Cucine. Most of the pictures display the design of bathroom with natural touch. Commonly, the bathroom consists of two medium basins. These basins are the place for the dog. Above the basins are the showers. The bathroom is featured with wooden table and nature element like stone. There is also a unique model of the bathroom in which the shape is as round as common human bath tub, but surely with smaller size.

Natural Dogi Bathroom

For the dog lovers, giving the comfortable bathing experience for the dogs are important. This is how they prove their love to their pets. One of their attempts is realized by Enzo Berti by designing the bathroom for dog with natural decoration. This is believed will pleasure and be relaxing he dogs. The decoration use fresh plants which are placed near the basins. Furthermore, the material of the basin also should be considered. The perfect material for the basins is the marble stones. This will give much natural effect of decoration.

For dog lovers, having this kind of bathroom is not more than enough. This bathroom is designed to give pleasure for the dog and ease the lovers much. They do not need waste much time in pet care. Bathing the dog is a kind of lovely attitude toward animal and showing that human loves animal to pet. So, the bathroom, decoration, and Dogi Bathroom Accessories could be secondary needs.

Corian Mono Block Buthtub Dogi Bathroom By GD Cucine

Dogi Bathroom By GD Cucine Alaska White Ash Wood Vanities  Glacier White Corian Countertops And Washbasins

Dogi Bathroom By GD Cucine Alaska White Ash Wood Vanity Light Grey Lunar Quartz Countertops And Washbasin

Dogi Bathroom By GD Cucine Baltic Grey Ash Wood Vanity Honed Biancone Stone Countertop And Washbasin

Dogi BAthroom By GD Cucine Baltic Grey Ash Wood Vanity  Dark Grey Lunar Quartz Countertops And Washbasin

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