Excellent Italian Kitchen Designs Perform Elegant and Fresh Sight

Cool Contemporary Italian Kitchen Appliances Simple Lamp Faucet

My parents in law challenge me to cook Italian cuisine. They do not believe that I am able to cook various cuisines. However, I have to prove that I can do this. Thus, I come into their house and start to cook Italian cuisines as they ask. I find kitchen which is designed in unique style. Overall looks elegant in dark brown color. There is circular window in this kitchen which enables sunlight come into kitchen for bright visualization. It is one of Italian Kitchen Designs which can be reference to decorate kitchen in fascinating look.

Italian Kitchen Designs with Circular Window

Kitchen island is crafted with lacquered wood in dark brown.  Its surface is covered by stainless steel. Grey kitchen backsplash looks stylish with hidden light that enlightens it. White kitchen cabinet belongs to furniture which is able to arouse bright view in this room. Dark brown wooden kitchen drawers represent warm atmosphere. Modern kitchen appliances are available here so I can cook any kinds of food effectively. Kitchen countertop is polished in white and its surface is covered by wooden layer. There is glossy range hood above kitchen countertop. Dark wood kitchen countertop is equipped with silver barstools. There are some indoor plants in this kitchen to provide fresh air. Commonly, stylish Italian Kitchen Designs brings out minimalist ideas.

Fresh Look of Italian Kitchen Designs

After I prove that I can cook cuisines in my parent in law’s house, I get my sister in law to teach her how to cook various types of cuisines. Her house adopts minimalist ideas. When I get into her kitchen, I see white kitchen cabinet and kitchen island that presents stylish decoration. Black and white kitchen backsplash results cool view over room. There are two white floating shelves on kitchen backsplash to place glassware. These floating shelves are supplied with blue hidden light.

Large white kitchen drawers and contemporary kitchen appliances are set nicely. Surely this white furniture is suitable with bright ideas applied of kitchen design. Breadboard in this kitchen is polished in different paints. Upper side of breadboard is painted in black while lower side is polished in white. Laminate flooring in kitchen indicates modern style of room. Rectangle wooden table is utilized to place indoor plants as fresh ornament in most stylish Italian Kitchen Designs.

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