Excellent Beach House in Australia

Attic Dining Area Contemporary Wooden Themed Dining Room

I have some ideas to share with you about an extravagant beach house. I have the ideas of an inspirational home, Fairhaven Beach House, which was designed by John Wardle Architects. I have also some pictures of this ultra modern house which allows the occupants to enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean and comfortable interiors with the domination of wood materials inside the house.

Beach House with Panoramic View

I love to see the exterior design of this beach house design which has some glass walls, windows allowing the occupants to enjoy the panoramic view outside and metal panel covering the house in disorder rectangular shape. From any room of the house, living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom, the occupants will have a chance to enjoy the ocean view. Can you imagine if you were at this beautiful house? Moreover, this house has comfortable interior design.

Beach House Interior Design

As you can see at the picture, this fascinating house has the interior is dominated with wood material. You can see at the living room, kitchen, dining room and the bedroom. All the rooms are equipped with warm wooden flooring, wooden wall, and even wooden ceiling. With the addition of fireplace, the living room feels more comfortable. Those rooms are also featured with some furniture which is made of wood, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, shelves, etc.

If you are searching for beach house for rent or beach house for sale, I recommend you to have the house which allows you to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view outside and gives you comfortable and warm atmosphere inside the house. As the example, this house which is located in Fairhaven, an area of French Island, Victoria, Australia. You can also find more beach house design ideas by having a look at the pictures in more detail and find more reviews of beautiful houses.

Beautiful Kitchen Area Dining Area Wooden Beach House Design

Artistic Wooden Themed Dining Furniture Modern Furniture Design

Artistic Wooden Wall Decor House Corridor Decor

Fairhaven Beach House Luxury Beach House Design

Folding Wooden Wall Bedroom Sea Scenery Bedroom Design

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