Escaping a Busy Life with a Minimalist White House

Awesome Minimalist White House Design With Marble Countertop And Flat Screen Television Wooden Wall Sliding Wooden Wall Animal Symbol

A hectic life and jobs sometimes lead you into depression. Going outside the house for some fresh air may help, but the traffic jam will only make you pull out your hair and drive you crazy even more. And if you have no place to go to relief your stress, house is the only bunker you have to escape that madness. That is why, you need to make your house as calming as possible. By making your house comfortable, it will feel like you have your own paradise to relax yourself. And if you don’t know how to make one, you can start it out by making a minimalist white house.

Make it bold

It will be tricky to choose the furniture if you have minimalist white house.  You can just put any color because the white shades fit any color. Well, it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to put furniture in random colors. it will make the house less classy and not harmonious. It is better to have something neutral like black or brown furniture. But of course you don’t want it to be plainly dead with only one color like brown or black furniture. A bit fussy, right? Well to prevent your house from being totally boring with the black and white shades, you can make minimalist white house with contrast furniture. Just put something bold on it. A red ashtray, painting, or vase, and your room will be fresher.

Kids-friendly minimalist white house

If you have kids, it will be flat for them to have a plain shelter of minimalist white house. Don’t worry about that. You can still make your house friendly to your kids without removing the minimalist accent. One thing you can do is putting something that your kids love so much. You can put some abstract symbol of cars, planet, plants, or even animal. By making minimalist white house with animal symbol, your kids will feel like they have their own world apart from the Polaroid black and white house you made.

Awesome Minimalist White House Design With White Bathroom Design And White Bathtub White Brick Wall White Toilet

Awesome Minimalist White House Design With White Bedroom Design And White Curtain White Wall Animal Symbol White Carpet Indoor Plant

Awesome Minimalist White House Design With White Bedroom Design And White Curtain White Wall White Carpet Sliding Wooden Wall Glass Window

Awesome Minimalist White House Design With White Bedroom Design And White Curtain White Wall Wooden Wall White Carpet Wooden Floor White Sofa

Awesome Minimalist White House Design With White House Design And White Curtain White Wall White Carpet Flat Screen Television Wooden Floor White Sofa White Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

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awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-bedroom-design-and-white-curtain-white-wall-animal-symbol-white-carpet-indoor-plant
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-bathroom-design-and-white-bathtub-white-brick-wall-white-toilet-
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-wooden-wall-and-white-sofa-white-wooden-kitchen-cabinet-wooden-floor-white-curtain
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-wooden-kitchen-cabinet-and-marble-countertop-wooden-floor-black-chairs-stainless-steel-faucet
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-marble-countertop-and-flat-screen-television-wooden-wall-sliding-wooden-wall-animal-symbol
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-bedroom-design-and-white-curtain-white-wall-wooden-wall-white-carpet-wooden-floor-white-sofa
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-house-design-and-white-curtain-white-wall-white-carpet-flat-screen-television-wooden-floor-white-sofa-white-wooden-kitchen-cabinet
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-wooden-kitchen-cabinet-and-white-unique-sofa-wooden-floor-marble-countertop-white-curtain-black-chairs
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-wall-and-flat-screen-television-wooden-floor-glass-window-white-curtain-white-bed-white-wooden-kitchen-cabinet-sliding-wooden-wall
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-bedroom-design-and-white-curtain-white-wall-white-carpet-sliding-wooden-wall-glass-window
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-wall-and-flat-screen-television-wooden-floor-glass-window-white-curtain-white-bed-sliding-wooden-wall
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-wooden-kitchen-cabinet-and-wooden-floor-marble-countertop-white-curtain-white-unique-sofa
awesome-minimalist-white house-design-with-white-wall-and-flat-screen-television-wooden-floor-glass-window-white-curtain-sliding-wooden-wall-animal-symbol


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