Enthralling Hills House with Maximize View

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I cannot enough being hypnotized by this hills house. Not only because it unique location on the hills near the rocky coastline in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa but also with several change for the house due to accommodate the owner’s need for big space. Since it was located in the hills, therefore it will need certain treatment to be able to make three floor houses and a basement. In some area the house need to be elevated to adjust with the land contour. If you see from the street, the house looks like only have two floors. But when you see it from the other side, actually it has three floors and each floor has its own entertainment meaning.

Privacy in the Hills House

This house is built to accommodate the need of big space for family and friends gathering as well as the needed of privacy for each family members. As many modern houses, this hills house design is full of simplicity and cubical shape. This hills house design also has many opening for the sea view side. On the contrary, the front side of the house which facing the street, the opening was minimized by using double entrance space to protect the owner’s privacy. take a look at this pictures where the owner take careful security by using heavy timber for gate materials that line up on the front of the house.

Entertainment in the Hills House

As you went inside, you will be astonished with total luxury and entertainment. The first area that welcomes you is dining room, kitchen and lounges. Here, you can enjoy the outside scenery with sitting on the lazy chair in the deck outside. Take one stairs to the bottom of the house and you will find great luxury. As you can see in these pictures, a see-through pool is located perfectly at the outreach of the sea. Swim in this pool will make you feel like swim in the ocean. On the side of the pool, there is a Jacuzzi and a terrace where you can spend your sunbathing time there.

The entertainment does not stop there since the owner and guess will enjoy the feeling above the sea with cozy lounge just the same level as the pool. On the other side of the lower floor you also can find tempting onyx bar and wine cellar. The fun does not stop here since there are still two other upper floor that can spoil your eyes. Take a tour around and you can see that hills house ambiance and decorating are really to spoil your need of entertainment and luxury.

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