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Lacrimi Si Sfinti Unique Mural Ideas

Heartwarming is definitely the first thing on my mind when I entered Lacrimi si Sfinti. Tucked in a hidden place in Romania’s Bucharest, si Sfinti is a restaurant that gives not only excellent food but also excellent ambiance. The restaurant can be considered as different from other restaurants because it took a different approach than normal restaurants’ methods. The method si Sfinti uses is no other than a traditional design of the restaurant, giving a friendly and inviting ambiance to its guests.

Tradition Hidden in Lacrimi si Sfinti

Everything about Lacrimi si Sfinti by Cristian Corvin screams Romanian tradition. The restaurant has three types of dining set tables for different amount of guests. There is the largest and longest wooden table that is decked with many chairs, up to fourteen of them. The second type is the wooden table that has six chairs of the same kind of material and color. The third and last set is the couple or family set. The only difference the third set has with the second set is the amount of tables and chairs both of them have. With these varieties, the numbers of guests are not limited with number.

Now let us talk about the ornaments in the restaurant. The white wall is decked with two kinds of shelves. The first one is the attached shelf where cans are stacked. The second one is the shelves that are installed inside the wall and have window-like coverings for them. Unlike the first shelf though, the second one has many kinds of varieties, from synthesis apples to colorful cups stacked like pyramids. At the left side of the room is where the wooden cabinets are placed, complete with the basket decorations and others. On the right side, the sun shines the restaurant brightly through the large windows installed on the wall.

Feeling Romania through Lacrimi si Sfinti

The design of the restaurant is definitely traditional. Decked in wood, the restaurant shows the side of Bucharest through its decorations and room designs, making the guests know about Bucharest more as they eat their dinner. Is not is amazing how tradition can be learned just by food and design? Well, that is what the fun Lacrimi si Sfinti by Cristian Corvin does for its guests.

Lacrimi Si Sfinti Wooden Table And Chairs

Lacrimi Si Sfinti Wooden Wall White Ceiling

Lacrimi Si Sfinti Black Hanging Lamps

Lacrimi Si Sfinti Brick Ceiling And Wall

Lacrimi Si Sfinti Old Wooden Floor

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