Enchanting Classic Design in Wood

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Many think that classic design is something that is old-fashioned because of the common use of traditional furniture, but Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos proved that classical can be modern too. Diaz y Diaz merged the two contradicting styles of traditional and modern by having a bridge between them. That bridge is no other than wood. Through wood, Diaz y Diaz created a great modern classical style that is easy and fashionable for the eyes.

A Wood’s Role in Classic Design

It is rare to see wood being used to enhance a lovely classic design, but Diaz y Diaz made it miraculously worked. The modern style is balanced with the traditional ambiance created by the wooden material. It can be seen from the wooden floor that has a unique zig-zag pattern for the living room and slanted pattern for the hall. Right next to the hall is where the kitchen and dining room is located, separated from the living room with a thick and firm wooden wall. The wooden wall has glass windows that show the inside of the wall with small lights and the brown color of the wall, it managed to distinguish the difference between the living room and the dining room perfectly.

As for the modern look, it is completed with the furniture of the house. On top of the pure white carpet is where the white living room set resides, from soft light gray couches to pure white table. The wooden chair might be in wood, but it has the design that is considered as modern. The inside of the kitchen is also the same. The cabinets filling the kitchen are in white, while the tables are made of light brown wood. The chairs are made in glass though, creating transparent and stylish chairs.

Cozy and Cool Classic Design

The design on the picture blends the traditional and minimalist style perfectly. The design pulls the stylish minimalist plan that is notable, but the design’s wooden element gives a cozy and friendly ambiance for the rooms. This results in a house that is both fashionable and warm at the same time, something that is not easy to create. The mixture of the woods became something perfect that lovely classic design of wood might be the right combination for houses.

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