Elegant Wooden Bathtubs as Bathroom Enchantments

Bedrom And Bathroom With Wooden Furniture

Whoever said that wooden bathtubs can only be used at certain bathrooms should definitely see the bathtubs made by BluBleu. Honestly, it is hard to describe the bathtub in one word only because not single words can completely the greatness of the bathtubs by BluBleu. Even I was struck at the beauty. Because of this, I decided to dedicate a paragraph or two for the bathtubs by BluBleu.

Wooden Bathtubs with Elegance

Though the wooden bathtubs by BluBleu are nothing outstanding, but there is something about its simple design that makes people wants to stare at those bathtubs forever. No, really, there is nothing but simplicity at the design of the bathtubs made by BluBleu. The bathtubs are made of white porcelain that is covered with a wooden surface for the enchantment of the bathtub. The taps are elongated taps that are installed in front of the bathtubs. Sometimes the taps are also installed at the side of the bathtubs, attaching the taps to the bathtubs. That is what the bathtubs made by BluBleu is all about.

However, that is what makes the bathtubs named Yuma Art, Kyra Art, and Naja Art beautiful. The combination of the white from the porcelain and the light brown from the wooden surface is more than perfection. There are also little things from the bathtubs that also make the bathtubs look different from other bathtubs, such as the backrest and foot rest that are placed at the ends of the bathtubs and the round or rectangular shapes of the bathtubs. Even a design of the bathtub is painted with matte gray instead of brown to make a great more enchanting look while keeping the bathtub simple at the same time. Simple but enchanting, that is what the bathtubs made by BluBleu are all about.

Beauty in Simple Wooden Bathtubs

I hope people can see the reason why I literally worship these bathtubs now. I admire at the fact that the bathtubs are still refreshing for the eyes despite of its simplicity that can be called “plain” by many people. However, that plain aspect of the bathtubs is what makes the bathtubs great, making the beautiful wooden bathtubs by BluBleu the perfect bathtubs for every bathroom.

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