Elegant Wooden Bathroom for Style

Unique Wooden Bathroom Ideas Lacquered Wooden Bathtub

It is unexpected to see a set of wooden bathroom that is actually modern and futuristic. At least, that was something I did not expect when I went to Milan. When I set my eyes on the bathroom, I knew right away that it is the perfect bathroom set that has been created in this world. At least, the wooden set of bathroom. It has such a unique and modern design that matches every style, perfect to be used at everybody’s home.

Simple but Unique Wooden Bathroom Design

The design of the wooden bathroom from Milan is truly unique in its own way. Unlike other sets, this set is purely made of wood. Do not be mistaken, the shower, for example, is purely in the shape of wooden block. In fact, the shower is made of wood that has been polished into something refine and elegant. The same goes for the sink. It is made of wooden frame and a hole in the middle to let the water flow down into the pipe. Do not worry about the faucet whatsoever that is used for the usual bathroom set, because they are still the same like other faucets of normal bathroom sets.

The same goes for the bathtub of the set. The bathtub is in the shape of a rectangle that looks like a boat, since the front end extends a little bit longer than the back. That is not without purpose, of course, since the longer set is meant for people to lay their backs and enjoy their baths as long as possible. There is a rectangular hole carved on the bathtub so that the holes can be used as the holders for the residents. So basically, everything about the set is made of wood that is already polished and shaped into refine shapes.

Elegant Wooden Bathroom Set

Some people might wonder the plus points of woods. What makes wood so special? The woods are no mere woods. As it has been said, the woods have been polished so that the woods are not just raw woods. The result of the polishing is fabulous, as the bathroom set has such elegant look and ambiance. Trust me, the unique wooden bathroom from Milan will definitely enhance the bathroom.

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