Elegant Mykonos Grand Hotel in its Simple Design

Mykonos Grand Hotel Greece Awesome Pool With View

Some buildings in this world are designed just like heaven, and this Mykonos Grand Hotel is one of those buildings. Located in the romantic Greece, the resort has an amazing design that will make the place out of this world. Also, the color schemes match the blue color of the sea, making this resort more and more heavenly. Greece will never be the same after visiting this resort, trust me.

Heaven under Mykonos Grand Hotel

Though I somehow exaggerate about its heaven-like design, I have to admit that the design of Mykonos Grand Hotel in Greece is something that feels out of this world. The local white marble nicely makes the square swimming pool that faces the horizon of the sun. to spice it up, some unique and modern reclining chair is and pillows are place at the sides of the swimming pool. The resort also has some party rooms located in the middle of the sea, where the wooden path extends from the main building. At nights, the square white lamps on the wooden ground would illuminate the room Romantic and amazing, is it not?

Of course, the inside is as nice as the outside. The inside trier is to match the amazing exterior design of the house, decking itself in white. This goes for the white couches and chairs placed in the middle of the room with large white lamps at the sides of the couches. The gray marble is decked with gray fur carpet where some leather chairs are placed. The bedroom is also in white, having the room decorated with unique brown pot at the side and some fresh green plant for the centerpiece of the round white table. The best part, however, is the window right across the bed that shows the sea scenery of Greece. It is like getting the front seat for National Geography movie.

Enjoying Greece in the Heavenly Mykonos Grand Hotel

The resort is definitely like heaven, is it not? The resort has a simple design, but they match the beautiful sea surrounding of the resort. Moreover, the white appearance makes the resort purer than other resorts for some reason, adding more heavenly aspect to the resort. The worldly Greece can definitely be enjoyed more in the heavenly and calming Mykonos Grand Hotel in Greece.

Mykonos Grand Hotel Greece Coconut Trees

Mykonos Grand Hotel Greece Luxury Pool With Romantic Candles

Mykonos Grand Hotel Greece Luxury Swimming Pool

Mykonos Grand Hotel Greece Rattan Sofas Small Awesoe Pool

Mykonos Grand Hotel Greece Stone Wall Blue Long Sofas

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