Elegant Marco Polo for a White Vacation

Luxurious Chalet Marco Polo Upper Bar Hires Rustic Furniture

Having a vacation in a mountainous and area that has tons of snow stacking by is a great experience, but Marco Polo will make the experience into an amazing and luxurious experience. Located in Val d’lesere of France, the chalet will definitely bring warmth to the guests through its amazing design and appearance.

Luxurious Snowy Experience in Marco Polo

The design of Marco Polo chalet with its natural surrounding will make everybody drop their jaws in awe. The beauty of the snow and the great design can already be felt in the dining room located in the balcony of the chalet. The elegance of the brown wooden furniture, from the chairs to the ring fence, is balanced with the outside snow and Mountain View that can be seen as one dines on the balcony. The beautiful snow can also “decorate” the drinking room through the translucent blue window in the shape half circle. The drinking room also matches the outside scenery, decked with the fur couches and chairs, not to mention the elegant crystal chandelier placed in the middle of the room. The outside scenery and the design inside complete each other.
For those who seek warmth in the cold air of Val d’lesere, they can head straight to the bedroom. The elegant bedroom is meant to warm the guests through the brown color of the wall, ceiling, floor, and even the furniture. The bed has a white sheet that is completed with gray fur blanket, and table lamps are placed at the sides of the bed. For those who want to feel the warmth of water, it can be found in the modern green-colored Jacuzzi room next to the swimming pool that has the direct outside view from the semi-circle window. Trust me, not everything about Val d’lesere is cold.

Enjoying Snow from Marco Polo

The elegant design and function of the chalet will definitely make the guests enjoy Val d’lesere to their fullest. Not only the chalet’s strategic place, will the chalet offer the beautiful outside view anywhere in the chalet, accompanied with the warmth that can be gotten from the chalet also. The snowy and cold vacation in the amazing Marco Polo chalet will not definitely be in vain.

Luxurious Chalet Marco Polo Wine Cellar Stone Wall Glass Table

Luxurious Chalet Marco Polo Downstairs Bar Wooden Floor

Luxurious Chalet Marco Polo Fireplace Hires Wooden Ceiling

Luxurious Chalet Marco PoloUpper Lounge Black Table Wooden Floor

Luxurious Chalet  Marco Polo View Best Wooden Floor

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