Elegant Long Beach Hotel where Elegance Meets Simplicity

Long Beach Hotel In Mauritius Unique Pool Coconut Trees

Mauritius will never be the same again, and this is all because of Long Beach Hotel. Located at the eastern part of Mauritius, the hotel made the already-gorgeous Mauritius into an even more gorgeous place thanks to the refined design of the hotel. The combination of the materials are also perfect and completes each other, turning the hotel into a simple yet luxurious hotel that will definitely be loved by its guests.

Long Beach Hotel’s Minimalist yet Luxurious Design

When I said that the gorgeous design of Long Beach Hotel in Mauritius is simple, I really mean it. The hall, for example, is decked beautifully with the rocky stone-like coffee tables in black, white, and gray that matches the white couches at the side of the wall. At the other side of the wall is where simple chairs in blue are lined up, and chandelier decorated with blue rhinestones is hanged in the middle of the ceiling as the mediator to bridge the two different colors. In front of the reception, a round ornament with fresh green plant on top of it is surrounded with light-colored stripped pillows. Though everything is in black, white, and blue, everything is placed neatly, and there are gorgeous ornaments to fill the spacey hall.

Of course, the outside is as gorgeous as the inside, even though they are definitely more refreshing. The gray-colored veranda has wood-framed gray couches attached to the sides of the gray wall, and the couches are decorated with gray and green pillows. Gray round tables and square wooden tables are lined up side by side to give variety to the veranda. The open air dining room is decked with wooden tables and chairs that have red cushions to make the dining room both fresh and elegant at the same time.

Enjoying Mauritius in Long Beach Hotel

Though the design of the hotel is both simple and elegant, the contradicting themes give one same ambiance: comfort. The simple design that will bring a relaxing mind and the gorgeous spoiling vibe combine to create a comfortable feeling for the guests, making them enjoy Mauritius more and more. I am sure that staying in this gorgeous Long Beach Hotel in Mauritius will definitely spice up the vacation into something better.

Long Beach Hotel In Mauritius White Bedroom

Long Beach Hotel In Mauritius White Long Chairs

Long Beach Hotel In Mauritius White Round Tables

Long Beach Hotel In Mauritius With Ocean View

Long Beach Hotel In Mauritius With Ocena View Design

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