Elegant House with Panoramic View over Moscow City

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The scenery view of the surrounding landscape is an actually important element that tends to be forgotten by many in designing a house. This is not the case for a magnificent Russian house with panoramic view designed by Ksenia Nikitina, however, as the panoramic view is the element of its primary consideration. No wonder, Freshome—a prominent internet website displaying photos of magnificent architectural works, bothers to present the house in its main site.

The Interior and Exterior Design of the House with Panoramic View

Making the panoramic view its primary concern does not mean that it abandons the other important elements, namely the construction of the interior and exterior. In fact, as a house, this house worth the praise in accentuating the right arrangement that makes it classifiable as a stylish house. The exterior is really simple but smooth. The contour of the house is shaped like ones of medieval churches. The layout of the wall is made of concrete whereas the porch is constructed using woods. The color scheme of the exterior parts is mainly white.

The inside of the house shines in distinct artistic way. The interior features most prominently, artistic decorative items apart from other functional furniture coming in modern style of design. The functional furniture comes in bright colors and smooth details of surface. Meanwhile, the artistic decorations range from paintings to sculpture and each comes in colorful design. There are many styles of paintings gracing the wall of the house, including Bohemian-style paintings.

Overlooking Moscow City, the House with Panoramic View

Apart from the implementation of stylish and sleek furniture as its primary consideration of luxuriousness, the house is located upon a hilltop. This does not only provide the house with cleaner air and less noisy environment of busy streets of urban areas, but also a magnificent view overlooking the city below. The important part of this is that Moscow is a city with artistic looking. Being dubbed as the red city, some architectural construction of the buildings is still retaining the past appeal of communist style houses. The artistic panoramic view of the city adds to the artistic appeal of the penthouse.

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