Elegant Group Work Desk for Increasing Work Productivity

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With the increasing land and space in urban place, company office needs an efficient and small working environment, which can be accommodate with the presence of group work desk. Office furniture, including desks must be elegant, efficient, strong, and durable and have high quality. With proper office desk design, staff or managers can facilitate more works and increase its work performance because it more convenient, efficient.

Group work desk in these pictures are made by JG Group, an office interior designer based in Cologne, Germany. Typical German furniture design always focused on functional aspects while maintaining an elegant look. We can say that German design is more minimalist than its counterpart, for example French or Italian design. This latest desks display is part of their latest collections called Inspira and Modul. These collections of work desk show elegance and minimalist style in every of them. The functionality of this group work desk design can be seen in its feature that it has three slots of central wiring system. These desks height are also adjustable.

These desks are made from glass, wood or plastic materials, or a combination of three. Some of desks can accommodate 14 workers at once. The color JG Group use their desk collection are varied from black into light blue colors. The most interesting of this desk are it is designed to create a timeless atmosphere, which can create a constant mood of enjoyable working place.

Beside group work desk, there is also present a single work desk, which are more contemporary in style as we can see in last picture. Quality is also an important aspect in every desk shown, which have solid structure and tough at a first glance. In the end, JG group had achieved its goal of providing future consumer of minimalist group work desk.

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