Elegant Corner Bathtubs with Convenience

Beautiful White Corner Whirlpools Technology Design

Bathtubs at corners are nothing uncommon in some homes, but it is a whole different matter with Teuco’s corner bathtubs. Wanting to create something that is not too big but still revolutionizing. For this reason, Teuco designed a whole new different kind of bathtubs at the corners. They are simple but still unique in design and elegant. Moreover, Teuco installed some new technology in his bathtubs, adding more reason to love the bathtubs made by Teuco more and more.

Corner Bathtubs’ Great Designs and Technology

Just to be expected, the corner bathtubs by Teuco has a corner-ish design, of course. Most of Teuco’s bathtubs are in the color of white, matching the usual white color most bathrooms have. The bathtub usually has some glass installed to its design, usually horizontally or vertically at the middle or end of the bathtub. The bathtub has variety of theme on the bathtub, but usually it is in the form of small blue tiles or wooden surface. Of course, there is always the metallic shower installed at the side of the wall in case the residents want to take showers instead of baths.

What about the technology of the bathtub? This is the good part of the bathtub design by Teuco. Inside of the bathtub, a measurement is installed in the bathtub. This means that the resident can always measure the temperature of the water without having to physically feel the water. Is not that convenient? There is the “remote” that is attached to the bathtub too. Just like a true remote, Teuco’s “remote” has buttons that allow the residents to control the bathtub without having to do it manually. Of course, there are still the classical taps whatsoever for those who prefer classical designs. Either way, Teuco installed some great stuff into his bathtubs.

Corner Bathtubs for Everybody

I am sure those who have seen the bathtubs by Teuco will know how great the design is. Not only it saves space since it is placed in corners, its design also makes it possible to be used for any kind of theme of the bathroom. Moreover, the technology installed to the bathtubs made the bathtubs look even better. Really, this stylish corner bathtubs by Teuco should definitely be used by everybody.

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