Elegant Bathroom with Beautiful Wall Design

Awesome 3d Dot Wall Decor For Modern Bathroom Design

Some of us may consider that the most convenient time in their everyday life is when they spend their time cleaning themselves in their bathroom. Because of this, people began to design and decorate their bathroom interior so it can be even more pleasant room. Bathroom is also a place in the house where we can totally enjoy our privacy, thus more focus on our surrounding. Bathroom environment and atmosphere will always be influenced by the room hygiene and cleanliness.

Decoration for your bathroom can make it your favorite place in the house. Adding some waterproof artwork can be suitable choice. But there is an important element in bathroom which is the wall. Bathroom wall is the part of element that you will see in your bathroom. Therefore the wall should be a nice, relaxing element where you will feel comfortable surrounded by it. Other than bathroom wall, bathroom floor and ceiling are also an important in the overall layout of your bathroom space. It is important to harmonize between these three elements to create a nice impression when you step into the room.

A great bathroom interior can be seen in the pictures, which are designed and created by Tamer Nakisci. Named Cube and Dot Collection, this bathroom has beautiful ceramic tile positioning with white, gray and black tiles. Dominant color in the room is white, to create a spacious look. White color is always the favorite color for most people including designer in their bathroom. But a little combination or adding such as black or grey color would also be great. If you don’t like white color you can try to replace it with pastel colors, and you still fell a lively atmosphere in your bathroom.

Design of the bathroom wall and decorations can be customized with color to create with a spacious bathroom. Cramped bathroom wall design are from bad coloring and decorations positioning, so remember to always keep it simple when designing or renovating your bathroom.

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