Elegant Apartment Creates Homey Place in Futuristic Design

Shiny Table Lamp Wooden Bed Headboard Sparkling Ornaments Black Wall Mural

I am intended to see my client who lives in Wejherowo, Poland. I am confused looking for his address since I rarely walk around Wejherowo. When I come into his apartment, I find furniture that is set perfectly in order to create elegant apartment as people wish now days. Floor in this apartment is made of wood. He asks me politely to sit on sectional sofa made of leather. This sofa is polished in dark color. And it is embellished with several sofa cushions. Rectangle coffee table is polished with color gradation including white and brown. Under this coffee table, fur rug in grey layered on floor to give warmth.

I find several elegant apartment furniture to strengthen classy and tough image of apartment interior. Next to sectional sofa, there is glove chair in white color. Arch lamp supplied with stainless steel shading lamp look shiny and so is ball pendant lamp hanging on ceiling above coffee table. From here I can see stool bar in white color set around brown dining table. To enlighten dining set, glass pendant lamps fixed on ceiling. Kitchen drawer and Kitchen Island is designed in white color with gloss color. Kitchen cabinet is colored with dark brown. In addition kitchen backsplash lighting fitted under cabinet looks so elegant and classy.

I am interested in decoration of this apartment interior so my client allows me to look around living space here as reference if I need to live at apartment. He takes me into work room which is furnished with white bed sofa. This sofa is equipped with red and Tosca sofa cushions. Modern desk is crafted like cube and rectangle shape. Contemporary chair is fixed to accompany futuristic desk. One side of bead board in this room is designed with wallpaper painted with geometric pattern.

Bedroom in this apartment is designed in elegant style too. Bed headboard crafted of high gloss finish wood is crafted like slope. Above headboard, I see large wall mural in dark color that looks so tough. Bedside tables on both sides of bed are equipped with glossy table lamps. Bay window in this room is concealed with cool curtain containing soft brown and pink colors. I really like elegant apartment furniture ideas chosen to be applied here.

White Barstools Laminate Flooring Glass Pendant Lamps Backsplash Kitchen Light

White Glassware High Gloss Finish Wooden Table Backsplash Light Purple Tablecloth

Wooden Bed Frame Dark Wall Mural Glass Bay Window Colorful Pillow Cases

Wooden Floor Contemporary Barstools High Gloss Finish Table Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet

Wooden Floor Modern Toilet Large Mirror Stainless Steel Towel Rail

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Shiny table lamp Wooden bed headboard Sparkling ornaments Black wall mural
Contemporary TV setup Glossy table lamp Sloping bed headborad Black wall mural
Wooden bed frame Dark wall mural Glass bay window Colorful pillow cases
White glassware High gloss finish wooden table Backsplash light Purple tablecloth
Glossy green kitchen design Backsplash lights Shiny glassware Stainless steel faucet
Backsplash kitchen light Glass pendant lamp Laminate flooring Glossy arch lamp
Grey fur rug Laminate flooring Black sectional sofa Shiny arch lamp
Grey round carpet Geometric textured wallpaper  White bed sofa Laminate flooring
Porcelain basins Stainless steel towel rail Large mirror Unique glass pendant lamp
Modern white sofa Colorful sofa cushions Black wall bar White curtain
Inspiring wall decoration Shiny countertop Glossy  ball adornment Automotive magazine
Wooden floor Modern toilet Large mirror Stainless steel towel rail
White barstools Laminate flooring Glass pendant lamps Backsplash kitchen light
Contemporary pendant lamp Laminate flooring Round fur rug White bed sofa
Lacquered wooden dining table White glassware Shiny kicthen backsplash Mezmerising hidden light
Wooden floor White fur rug Artistic arch lamp Wall TV setup
Glossy table lamp Shiny pillow case Dark color headboard Modern cushy pillows
Wooden floor Contemporary barstools High gloss finish table Minimalist kitchen cabinet


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