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When the scattered books lying all over the living room or any other room are turning into frustrations, do not worry because One-Two table will come to the rescue. Designed by the creative Ehoeho, this table is a new kind of table with different design that is like no other tables. Not only it gives more space to store books efficiently, its unique design also makes it stylish, turning it into a special ornament of the room. Using this table would definitely make the room neater and more trendy.

Why One-Two Table is Special

Seeing how much I was praising One-Two table by Ehoeho, I am sure some is wondering about the unique aspect of this table. What makes this table different? The appearance, from above and its sides are not that outstanding, really. Maximizing simplicity, Ehoeho decided to use woods that are polished but not colored for the table. This way, the table is simple and neat, but it will also look natural from the natural pattern of woods that stays on the table. Having an eco-friendly furniture once in a while will not hurt the room’s theme.

Now here is the thing that makes the table more special than any other tables. The table has open storage at its sides, in the form of vertical shelves. That is right, two counter shelves are stacked to the table, backing each other. The shelves are not closed, as the design of the table’s top are made to make the top of the shelves open. This way, the readers can just tuck their books whatsoever away inside the shelves by sliding them from the top. Is not that efficient and time-saving? It definitely is, seeing how easy it is to store books just by the appearance of the furniture.

Neater with One-Two Table

As it can be seen, the table is something that is both efficient and stylish. It makes storing books easier thanks to its convenient design, and storing books became more fun as the table has the unique design that will definitely pump some people’s blood. This way, the rooms with this table will definitely be cleaner, neater, more trendy, and brightening! So many great things from the stylish One-Two table from Ehoeho are proofs that this table should definitely be used.

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