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Some houses are famed for its design color, but the W House has both of them. Located in Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima, the house has a distinct design that is luxurious and elegant. However, the same goes for the color of the house since the house has the unique combination of red, brown, black, and gray. Trust me, everything about this house is so unique that those who see this house will drop their jaws in awe and wonder.

Wonderful Design of W House

Even at first glance, the wonderfulness of W house by IDIN Architects can be seen already. Like some of the houses that are designed in this world, this house has a unique design by being stacked on top of each other. The top part is painted in light gray, while the bottom part is painted in dark gray. A unique combination, is it not? The house is made fresh with the green grass around the house and the stone pathway that leads to the front door of the house. Of course, there are glass windows decking the house. This way, the house is modern, fresh, and unique.

However, the uniqueness of the house does not stop there. The inside is decked with polished white marble floor and gray stone wall with some of the sides decked in glass. The ceiling is made of marble stone also, but just like the walls, some parts of the ceilings are made in different material that is no other than wood. The furniture is where the unique color combination comes into play, since many of them are in red and brown. For example, the living room couch is decked in a variety of red, but it is paired with gray coffee table. The dining room is in brown, but it has dark spots for its patter. Pretty unique, is it not?

Living Uniquely in the W House

As it can be seen, the house has unique and distinct characteristics that can be gotten from every aspect of the house. The house has many wonderful colors that might look odd but create uniqueness, and this is supported with the house’s unique exterior design that is makes the house stands out among its neighborhood. The house is definitely unique and different, and people can experience it by living in this luxurious W House by IDIN Architects.

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