Detailed Casa la Punta and its Beautiful View

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Not many houses has such grandiose detailed natural view on for their outside scenery, and Casa la Punta is one of them. Located in the city of Punta Mita, one of the cities in Mexico, it has the privilege not many urban houses have: view and landscape. Being nearby a body of water, this amazing house in Mexico has a beautiful view not many houses can rival. Knowing the advantage of the view, Elias Rizo Arquitectos, the designer of the house, makes sure that the house has a suitable theme and design that can fuses with the surrounding view. The good thing is, it works.

Great Design of Casa la Punta and its Great View

To make the house as natural as possible. The designer decided to use the color of white for the exterior theme of the house this way, no other color can disturb the natural color of the house. Casa la Punta by Elias Rizo Arquitectos is decked with everything that is involved with nature, such as the white rocks nearby the white stone path. A green field also sits next to the path, giving a fresh color to the set. There are also sands and palm trees, adding more natural details into the house. The greatest, however, is the view of the sea that can be seen from the white beach on the grass field. Truly the best way to enjoy the evening horizon of Punta Mita.
There are also many other details inside the house. The stairs inside are between humongous firm wooden walls, and the stairs leads to another wooden wall (darker and has more details though) that sits across the stairs. There are also wooden paths at the front part, adding another wood collection into the house. Even the kitchen has wooden dining table. Across the table is where the wooden cabinets stand. Elegance is added with the existing marble floor and the window glass next that allows the resident to see the outstanding outside view. Everything about the house is about woods and nature.

Enjoy the View of Casa la Punta

Judging from the design and position of the house, it is obvious that everything is aimed toward the natural surroundings of the house. The designer really tries his best to make this house blends with the surrounding view, and thankfully, it does. So while the privilege is there, why not enjoy the privilege to the fullest? Residents will enjoy the natural beauty beautiful Casa la Punta by Elias Rizo Arquitectos gives, and it is going to worth the time.

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