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Have you ever think that Wooden Vanities are used for an art work medium? In this postmodern age, everything is possible, also the development of the art work. I talk much about art work which is related with interior design here. The development of art gives very significance influence for the interior design. As I mentioned firstly, the development inspires many designers and artists to apply art in the interior design, especially in a bathroom. Further, the applied art also gives particular comfortable features for the housing and living experience.

Wooden Vanities Designed by Nendo

Who does not know Nendo? Nendo is a design studio in Japan which is founded by Oki Sato. Recently, this studio has introduced brand new Wooden Vanities Bathroom accessories in Milan. Sato said that these accessories are inspired by the behavior of the Japanese who used to take a bath together with family. In the meantime, take a bath is an activity in which family members communicate each other. Then, this common activity is recently rare to find. Taking a bath is merely a private activity. By using these vanities, Sato expects that people can communicate again personally by themselves.

Wooden Vanities Designs

Take a look at the pictures below which display you the work of the Nendo Studio. The vanities are merely a modern art work of interior design with Japan bathing experience taste. Nendo has made a mid-large wooden bath box with natural-end. In front of the box is a wooden rack for rolling towels. The box reminds us to Japan a lot. The deluxe feature of this box is the wood material with natural end. Then, we move the wash basin. There are two models of the wash basin. The first model is as similar as the bath box but surely with the smaller size. The second model is in white deluxe basin with wooden frame.

Nendo builds a very significance model of bathroom vanities. The significance is the phenomenon of the recent taking a bath which is a strong privacy. By learning the local wisdom of Japanese, Nendo has made an important development of interior design in Wood Bathroom Vanities.

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