Delightful Attic Apartment Decorated in Chic Style

White Bathroom Sink With Mirror And Steel Faucet Completed With Bathroom Floral And Toiletry

Staying in an attic apartment sounds not fun at all. But you will think again after seeing the design of the apartment interior located in the attic. Not all of attic place is dull and boring. You can take a look of how beautiful this apartment interior is. Although located in the attic, this apartment interior looks great and open. White is used as the interior color theme. This white interior wall looks great with the wooden flooring applied in this attic interior. The windows are installed on the attic wall letting the natural light coming through the attic interior.

Minimalist style is applied in this attic apartment design. The bedroom is in the similar room with the living room, Modern fireplace in white is placed by the bedding. The bedding is in modern design covered with white duvet. The living area has white modern sofas in contemporary style. Modern pendant lighting is placed above the modern sofas in white color. A night stand in white is also placed besides this modern sofa.

Sleek table is in front of this contemporary sofa. The dining area is placed in front of this living area. It has white acrylic chair placed together with white table. Contemporary lighting is hung above this white dining furniture in sleek design. The classic armchair in leather material is placed by the bedding. It is placed together with small sleek table. This can be the great reading place. The white ceiling is decorated with wooden beams on it.

The modern carpet in black and white stripes is placed on the white wooden flooring. The interior lighting are arranged in unique way. The lamps are installed in the line track on the white interior wall. Attic apartment interior can have a great look with this chic arrangement in bright color.

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