Cute Three Bedroom Apartment with Style

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Apartments with lots of beds do not have to be crowded, even if it is a three bedroom apartment. The apartment might be filled with furniture, but there are tricks and tips to make the apartment feels less crowded and spacey. With little enhancements, the apartment can be designed without looking crowded, and the apartment might even look mores stylish this way.

Making the Three Bedroom Apartment Great

To make everything clearer, I am going to use the amazing three bedroom apartment in Stockholm as an example. The beds in that Stockholm apartment are wrapped with bright colors such as white, aquatic blue, and neon pink. The beds are also placed near by the windows so that the beds can be bathed in sunlight. The wallpapers of the bedrooms are also in bright colors such as soft pastel so that the bedrooms are not crowded despite of its small size. Other ornaments such as white and neon pink couches can be used to decorate the room to make the room brighter. Colorful paintings can also be hanged also, adding more colors into the house. As for the bathroom, it can be decked in white to balance out the colors in the bedrooms.

The same goes for the other rooms in the house. The walls of the living room, for example, can be painted in different colors such as pink and white. The couch might be in white, but the pillows can use different sheets to make the couch less bare, and a pink carpet can be placed below the white coffee table to make everything less white. The dining table can be in rattan, and the chairs can be in rough light brown materials to match the dining table. The kitchen furniture should be in white though, so that everything loos bright and clean. For the extra space below the white stairs, it can be used for book shelves in bright color such as blue.

Colors for an Enchanting Three Bedroom Apartment

The apartment is full of furniture, but that does not hinder the apartment from looking cute and neat. This is because of the colors used in the apartment. They are in bright colors, giving a spacey ambiance that was not there before. Moreover, the furniture is placed neatly, making the apartment less suffocating. As long as the colors and the furniture positions are done right, just like the bright three bedroom apartment in Stockholm, I am sure other apartments with lots of rooms can be pretty also.

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