Crinkled Wall as the Uprising Generation of School Design

Details Master Plan Outlays Unique Exterior School Building

Maybe it seems so odd when you hear that a school, that is a place for study, has a unique and strange in its building design. But, since the time passes by and everything changes, it is not impossible for a building such a school to has an attractive building concept that can either attract student’s attention or give them the freedom feeling to express their ability in school. One of the concepts that are very unique as well as attractive is the crinkled wall in a school design. What is crinkled wall actually? It is a three dimensional concrete structure that will directly catch your attention when you see such concept of building in a school. However, this very odd design can also be looked very beautiful for those who really love aesthetic.

The concept of the school maybe seem so easy and common, that is to attract the student to study more and feel more comfortable with this very unique school building concept. The crinkled wall can be said as one metaphor that represents our daily life. For instance, when you think about something that maybe quite difficult for you, then you try to write it down on a paper, sometimes you will crumple up the paper, throw it away and make a new one. That is what this very unique concept mean, that something can go wrong or error, but there is still many times to make change it into the correct one.

For the outside, you can see the crinkled wall in the school building. Besides, you can also see the beautiful green garden that surrounds the school. While for the inside of the school, you can find the very modern and attractive design that can support its student with very comfortable space for study.

Artistic Exterior Wall School Extension Facade

Beautiful Concrete Structure With Awesome Lightings

Interior Room With View Outside And Concrete Ceiling

Modern Details Of Interior With Laminated Wood Floor Inline Lighting And Floor To Ceiling Windows

Green Landscape And Crinkled Exterior

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