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Small Luxury Lamp Vintage Room Designs  Black Chair

Vintage is something that is something that is admired and feared at the same time, and this is because the fact that made vintage designs can be easily made but easily destroyed at the same time. However, if the designs are done right, the designs will be something beautiful that are worth to be used as inspiration for other. Timothy Oulton proved people that by showing his great designs that are involved with vintage. It does work.

Vintage Designs for Designers by a Designer

The vintage designs by Timothy Oulton are so great that some of them are actually used by many, and I am sure other designers are included in the list. It makes sense though, seeing the designs Timothy Oulton created. Prepared to be astonished though, because the designs are crowded. One of the designs have three sofas, a coffee table, shelves, cabinets, paintings, carpets, and others – all in one room. Moreover, the furniture and other things for the designs are in the color of brown and silver. Although this might look gloomy for many, this is what makes the designs truly vintage.
Despite of the crowd though, the designs are still something that should be admired. This is because everything is in one element, not standing out among each other. For example, the brown leather couches are paired with suitcase-look alike coffee table and cabinets. There are also wooden side tables, candle chandelier, map on the wall, and others. All of these things are in one element, creating some kind of unity inside the room. There is no need to worry about other colors, because everything is in the same or similar color. Even the walls are in black, and the floor is in pale cream. As it can be seen, everything matches each other perfectly.

Reasons for the Vintage Designs’ Success

It is alright to wonder why the designs are used despite of the crowd and the gloomy ambiance. This is because of the unique furniture that is used in the theme, and the uniqueness of the theme cancels out the rowdiness of the room. The furniture is also strategically placed, making them neat while being “crowded” at the same time. The designer knows how to do the basic design properly, and he proved it in his amazing vintage designs by Timothy Oulton.

Soft Brown Leather Sofa Vintage Room Designs  Futuristic Chairs

Steel Table Steel Cabinets Vintage Room Designs  Black Wall

Unique Hanging Lamp Vintage Room Designs  Leather Sofas

Unique Table Blck Wall Vintage Room Designs Glass Window

Vintage Room Designs  Black Wall  Wooden Floor

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Vintage Room Designs  black wall  wooden floor
Unique table blck wall Vintage Room Designs glass window
Black wall unique rug Vintage Room Designs  classic cabinet
Small luxury lamp Vintage Room Designs  black chair
Vintage Room Designs  unique  lamp black wall
Best wooden cabinets Vintage Room Designs unique lamp
wheel table white sofa glass window Vintage Room Designs
Classic hanging lamp Vintage Room Designs  wooden drawers
brown leather sofas black wall Vintage Room Designs round mirror
Brown leather sofas romantic candles Vintage Room Designs
Soft brown leather sofa Vintage Room Designs  futuristic chairs
Small Fireplace classic lamp Vintage Room Designs
Classic mirror Vintage Room Designs  wooden cabinets black wall
Unique hanging lamp Vintage Room Designs  leather sofas
Futuistic sofa black wall Vintage Room Designs  ideas
Brown leather classic sofas unique mural Vintage Room Designs
Black Leather sofas unique lamp Vintage Room Designs
Steel table steel cabinets Vintage Room Designs  black wall
Brown laether sofa Vintage Room Designs  unique lamp


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