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I am sure not many people have heard of things such as shoe bathtub. It makes sense though, because people commonly known bathtubs in square and in circles. What makes bathtub with the description “shoe” written on it different? This is because, of course, the fact that the bathtub literally looks like a shoe! Well, the bathtub looks more like a stiletto to be more exact, but that is what makes the bathroom more charming than the other kind of bathtubs!

All About Shoe Bathtub

Here are some examples of shoe bathtub by SICIS the lovely company for providing such great designs of bathtubs shaped like shoes. Living up to its name, the bathtub has “heels” at the end of the backrest of the bathtub. Every curve of the bathtub is also shaped exactly like a shoe or stiletto. How can the water flow inside then? Do not worry, because the bathtub has filter at the backrest where the water would flow into the “shoe.” Trust me, bathing in this bathtub would make us feel as if we are bathing inside a shoe! Now that is an experience to kill right there.

Do not worry about the design of the bathtub. Just like real shoes, bathtubs have great patterns or designs on it, making the “shoes” look glamorous and enchanting. For example, a bathtub has a black and white color, with flower-like dragonflies decorating everything on the bathtub. For those who want something glamorous, there is always the bathtub that is decked with metallic pink decoration, making it shine when lights hit it. Those who want a mixture of glam and nature can always have the decoration of the bathtub in the form of blue flowers painted on top of the metallic black background. The bathtub has not only unique shape but also unique pattern on top of it!

Greatness of Shoe Bathtub

I have said this before, but I am going to say it again: this bathtub is great. It has a sexy curvy design that is enchanting, and the decorations or patterns on the bathtubs are also as enchanting as the bathtubs’ designs. With the new experience it offers to its owners, this unique shoe bathtub by SICIS will beautify the bathroom and our lives.

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