Creative Multi-Level Apartment in the Middle of the City

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Creating such a multi-level apartment in the middle of the city is not an easy task to do. The apartment space already decided for two story apartment and is located in the 18th floor. But the need of more space to accommodate the owner needs for three children is applied with the extra level in the house. At first maybe a bit confusing since the room divided is different one into another. But the room is used to accommodate the different kind of privacy for every member of the family.

Multi-Level Apartment to Accommodate the Owner’s Need

This multi-level apartment design is based on the owner’s request for personal privacy for each member of the family. The architect of this apartment is fully understood that space is highly needed. That is why some built-in closet and drawer was made to accommodate that needs. The base color of the apartment is quite dark with the use of brown wooden element. Mostly the apartment has cubical pattern like the one that applies in the kitchen and dining area as you can see in this picture.

Since the apartment was built in multi-level, there is room that has bigger space than the others. The living room has the biggest space, not the width but the height. The ceiling height in the second floor is varied from the living room that has the tallest, to the other area which is shorter. The shorter area is used to have another floor up stair. These makes the two stories apartment became three floors apartment. Look at these pictures where you can find many variety of the floor difference height. These differences make personal room available.

Outsmart the Multi-Lever Apartment Limited Space

You should see further more from these pictures to see that these rooms are made with carefully thought. The kitchen and dining room are sharing the same floor, but to differentiate the kitchen, the floor has been level up a bit than in the dining room. To create airy environment, the kitchen have open shelves which allow the light to come in to the corner space. The use of space is also carefully thought since the use of drawers beneath the stairs and study room beneath the bedroom above. Instead of using window, the architect creates big open shelves to the rooms to create bigger and spatial feelings. Overall, these multi-level apartment architecture really inspire on how to dealing with limited space and light in modern home.

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