Creative Headboards for Beautiful Bedroom Design

Creative Headboard Design From NOYO With BohoSky For Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Not only the bedding or bed frame, bed headboards design is also essential to one’s bedroom interior. Conventional bed headboards usually had the typical bland surface, usually from plywood or plastic materials. It’s forgotten by many people that headboards can also be an interesting part of bed. Of course the question is what kind of headboards which can attractive.

Design ideas headboard or headboard can give a great effect to the bedroom, whether it is classical or modern style. Make sure that the headboard design ideas you support your overall design to your own bedroom. For example, if you have a traditional bedroom design, you need to use the ideas headboard that will support the look of your bed. Wooden headboard can be used to strengthen a classical style. Some beautiful carvings on the headboards design can give beautiful impression. In fact, it can complement the style of your own bedroom.

This headboards design by NOYO home decoration is unique. Astrid Oyo, the founder of NOYO, creates custom headboards that have a slipcover. With this cover, you can change your bedroom headboard easily with any kind of headboards cover. There are over 100 different covering with all styles. As you can see in the pictures, there are covering that portrait the sky, flowers and many others. This way, the user has a different headboard every day that suits his or her lifestyle. Noyo Home decoration provides with many artwork by artist, with many covering theme.

The founder of NOYO creativity is come from due her difficulty of finding a stylish and easy way to change her bed headboards. She then designed and patented a homemade custom changeable slipcover headboard. This NOYO headboards suits will any bed frame from metal into wooden or bed with platform. Any home owner will be delightful with this creative headboards custom design with its easily replaced cover.

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