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Passion for hobbies or for collections does not have to be showed through action only, as the H3 House showed the passion the resident has. Built on a land in Athens that is more than seven thousand meters in size, the house shows the resident’s passion for yacht. How can this be done? It is no other by, of course, the exterior design of the house. 314 Architecture Studio managed to combine something meaningful from the resident with the design of the house, creating a meaningful house that will definitely be loved by its resident.

H3 House That is Full of Passion

Believe it or not, H3 House by 314 Architecture Studio really has the shape of yacht. How can this be so? It is something simple, really. The house has a shape where it’s divided by two through the square section of the house that is located in the middle of the house. The back part is the normal part of the house, while the front part is the yard-like part of the house. From the front to the back, a swimming pool can be seen surrounding the pillars of this white house. The combination of the clear blue swimming pool and white house is a perfect combination though. Who would not want this kind of houses?

The details of the house are really impressive and astounding. While the swimming pool does surround the house, there is a middle section of the house’s ground level that is meant for relaxation, and this can be seen from bench under the shaded yacht section and the white sunbathing beds that are located at the end of the ground level. The dividend of the house also has accent carving at its sides, while the rest of the house is decked with glass walls. The “yacht” section is something unique though, since the window is decked with small wooden frames that look like wooden panels from far away. Well, that is that makes the house special, after all.

H3 House as Inspiration

As it can be seen, the house is the perfect house that can be used as inspiration by many people. The detailed design of the house is something that should not be underestimated, and the design should be designed carefully in order to create the perfect unique but elegant ambiances this house has. That is why young designers should use this unique H3 House by 314 Architecture Studio as inspiration and sharpen their skills to create something better than this house!

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